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Are you a talented artist and great with kids?
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You’re a talented artist. You’re great with kids. You enjoy showing young people how to create things. Although teaching can be complex and demanding, your gifts are the right combination for a successful career in Art Education.

As you earn your certification to teach art in K-12, you’ll study art, art history, design, visual culture, and art education technologies. / UW-Stout

UW-Stout's Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education is recognized nationally for the renowned art courses offered by its School of Art & Design. Art Education graduates have an excellent reputation as high-quality teaching professionals among school districts, and are highly sought after throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota.


Program Overview

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UW-Stout's Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education results in certification for K-12 and offers hands-on experience and great value:

  • Four years to complete degree includes student teaching
  • Mac laptop with design software included
  • Nationally renowned art and design faculty
  • First-year learning community
  • Applied, authentic learning and leadership opportunities 
    help you stand out and step up

UW-Stout's School of Art and Design has received national and international acclaim. You will receive the best art instruction for state school tuition. The professor for art education courses has a Ph.D. in Art Education and more than 12 years of K-12 art teaching experience prior to leading the program.


100% of Our Graduates are Employed or Continuing Education

Prepared for a Career in Art Education

Photo of Makaya Ruhe

"I recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Stout with my Bachelor of Science in Art Education and I can honestly say that I’m right where I’m supposed to be. I’m in the home stretch of completing my first year as an art educator. It seems like just yesterday I was learning about classroom management skills, writing my first lesson plan and completing my Educator Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA).

The Art Education Program at UW-Stout did a great job in offering me opportunities to prepare for my career after graduation. Their rigorous and informative courses such as Multiculturalism, Special Education, Educational Psychology and various studio art courses taught me about diversity, differentiated instruction for all learners and, gave me the opportunity to be in real-life K-12 art classrooms. Along with courses, they also have options for students to get involved in the local community by being part of the Arts Integration of Menomonie Program (AIM). AIM provides paid internships that allow you to teach your own lessons to students, work with other art educators and offers grants to attend conferences in and out of the state.

Photo of Makaya RuheI was very involved throughout my college career with AIM and other clubs associated with the Art Education Program. I was able to be a part of the National Art Education Association, Children’s Art Club on campus, and had various internships at Menomonie schools. The most rewarding experiences I had during my time at UW-Stout were from the National Art Education Conferences in Seattle, WA and Boston, MA which I attended in 2018 and 2019. At these conferences, I discovered what it meant to be an art educator and I’ve never felt more in my element.

During my first year as an educator, there have been difficult obstacles and hoops to jump through, but I felt prepared and confident to conquer them. I look back at notes, lessons, and even create projects based off of work I completed in college. I’m truly grateful to have met and learned from so many amazing colleagues, artists and professors in my program. Every day I wake up excited, zealous and feel rewarded to know that I’m doing something I love."

-- Makaya Ruhe
B.S. Art Education


Compared to other universities, UW-Stout’s Art Education program explores more deeply into our content area — art! We know that you have to be a great artist in order to be a great art teacher. You'll “advance” in a medium of your choosing, and you present your own art exhibit during your final year.

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“Student Ambassador,” “Student of the Year” and “Scholar Athlete” are among the honors that Art Education students have earned. Many students find employment in art labs on campus. And we have a very active student organization. As an art teacher, you join the noblest of professions while sharing your passion for art with young people! 

At the Heart of Education is the Teacher

Arts Integration Menomonie (AIM) is a collaborative partnership with the Menomonie School District and community.
Admissions Requirements

New First-Year Students

  • There are no additional requirements for new first-year students.

Transfer Students

  • Earn a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher from the last institution attended.

Students who meet this requirement will be admitted to the university in their chosen Education major. Subsequent acceptance into a teacher education major and enrollment in professional education coursework will require successful completion of Benchmark I requirements. Additional information can be found at the School of Education website.

Students whose cumulative GPA is lower than the 2.75 will be reviewed and considered on a case-by-case basis for admission consideration.

Student Testimonials

"UW-Stout is where to go if you want to be an art teacher. It has such a strong art program that I have thrived in. The university and city of Menomonie have been great communities."

-- Karli Jopp
B.S. Art Education

"We are helping students have an avenue to express themselves and create great artwork."

Dane Hodges
Art Education Student Teacher 

"By far, the major highlights of my experience studying Art Education at UW-Stout were the many opportunities for hands-on experience and professional growth. From the very beginning of the program, there are so many community programs, student organizations, and exciting courses to choose from. I was building my leadership skills, my teaching pedagogy, and my understanding of student learning all before I even began student teaching! Now that I have graduated and have my very own teaching position in my own classroom, I fully believe that my teaching experiences at UW-Stout are what have prepared me to be where I am today and have helped me grow to become the art educator that I need to be for my students."


Amanda Kirkman
Art Teacher at Racine Unified School District


"I truly enjoyed my time as an Art Education major at UW-Stout. I feel that I graduated as an expert in my field due to excellent art and education courses and professors. There were numerous leadership opportunities and ways to get involved that allowed me to graduate feeling confident and prepared for my teaching career."

Rebecca Lindusky




Program Advisory Committee

 Program Advisory Members

Bob  Atwell Professor UW-Stout, Art and Art History
Daniel Atyium Assistant Professor UW-Stout, Art and Art History
David Beck Associate Dean/Director UW-Stout, SOAD
Cynthia  Bland Professor UW-Stout, Art and Art History
Lori  Brenner Secondary (Middle School) Art Teacher Menomonie School District
James  Bryan Associate Professor UW-Stout, Art and Art History
Tracy  DeRusha Placement Coordinator UW-Stout, SOE
Heather  Klanderman Certification Officer UW-Stout, SOE
Peggy  Larson Elementary Art Teacher Menomonie School District
Charles  Lume Department Chair UW-Stout, Art and Art History
Ann  Carlisle Program Director, Art Education UW-Stout, SOE
Bryan Ritchie Professor UW-Stout, Art and Art History
Johna  Stern  Stout Alumni Eau Claire School District
Tami Rae  Weiss AIM Executive Director, Art Education UW-Stout, School of Education(SOE)
Geof Wheeler Program Director, Studio Art  UW-Stout, Art and Art History
Gwen  Stein  NAEA President Art Education student
Bailey Iwen CAC Coordinator Art Education student
Amelia  Johnson CAC Co-Coordinator  Art Education student
Professional Licensure Requirements

This program is designed to meet educational requirements for licensure/certification in the state of Wisconsin. Professional licensure/certification prerequisites vary from state to state, and we are not able to determine whether our program meets prerequisites in other states. If you intend to work in another state, contact that state's regulatory authority to determine if our program will meet the licensure/certification requirements, and contact the UW-Stout Program Director for assistance. Please see the following website for additional information.

Art Education

Art Education

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