A portrait of Tamara Brantmeier.

Prof. Tamara Brantmeier

Associate Vice Chancellor of Partner and Student Engagement / Professor

Phone 715-232-2421
Office Administration Building

As a representative for Academic Affairs, my goal is to work collaboratively across the university to coordinate and advance outreach and engagement efforts with both internal and external stakeholders.
I can work with you to find support related to engagement and outreach efforts. For example:

  • COLLABORATE: You are a campus partner who wants to collaborate with internal/external stakeholders to explore or deepen an initiative or experience.
  • WHAT NEXT: You have a connection, invitation, or a request from an external partner and seek support coordinating the next steps.
  • CONNECT & STRATEGIZE: You are seeking support or brainstorming related to a new academic initiative or opportunity. This might include campus or community events, conferences and symposiums, or other campus events.

EXTERNAL PARTNERS (community, industry, employers, alumni)

I can coordinate broad or focused campus connections. For example: 

  • STUDENT CONNECTIONS: Have an idea for a collaborative partnership or sponsored project? Does your organization want to deepen its relationship with UW-Stout students? Let’s have a conversation and get your team connected.
  • THE FUTURE: Make an impact by informing and investing in the educational experiences of your future workforce
  • COMMUNITY PARTNER: We invite ideas and conversations for blending applied classroom learning with community service.

CORPORATE PARTNERS (manufacturing, leadership and economic development, prototyping, workforce development, FabLab) 

Contact Seth Hudson, Executive Director for Corporate Relations and Economic Engagement 
Working to meet the university’s FOCUS2030: UW-Stout’s Strategic Plan (link) I aim to:

  • Enhance partnerships and engagement
  • Advance Academic Affairs led initiatives
  • Foster student success, recruitment and retention
  • Support institutional sustainability