Coaching Minor

Turn your care for the physical, social, medical and psychological well-being of traditional sport or esport athletes into a career.
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Help Traditional and eAthletes Reach the Next Level of Success

Prepare for a variety of professional roles in traditional sports or esports coaching with in-depth, hands-on training in the proper methods and strategies to holistically care for athletes in any arena. After selecting the traditional sports or esports coaching track, you'll gain the knowledge, skills, and practical experience to coach at the youth, recreational, high school, collegiate, or Esports levels. UW-Stout's core Coaching Minor coursework covers coaching theory, emergency response and risk management, sports psychology, the influence of sports and physical activity on society, and practical experience. Advanced courses in the traditional sport and esports coaching tracks provide subject-specific knowledge and practical skills necessary to successfully work with athletes and making a difference in the community. The coaching minor is available for all UW-Stout students.  


Minor Requirements

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Traditional Sports Coaching Track

Clayt Birmingham, UW-Stout football coach

Study the physical, social, medical and psychological elements of traditional sports coaching. You'll learn coaching methods and strategies for traditional individual and teams sports and apply your knowledge in an actual coaching scenarios. The traditional sport coaching track is also applicable to recreational programs.

UW-Stout gymnastics team.

The traditional sport coaching track also covers first aid, injury prevention and care, athletic management, sports psychology and sociology, physiology and anatomy. You're refine your knowledge through a methods course in the sport of your choice followed by a practicum experience in the same sport to prepare you to succeed.

Esports Coaching Track (Coming Fall 2023)

UW-Stout esports team players compete from their new arena in Heritage Hall. The arena includes new computers, monitors and chairs that are standard in competitive gaming.

The esports coaching track offers you the opportunity to study and recognize the emerging needs, challenges and pressures esports athletes face throughout competition and in their professional and social development. A pioneer leader in varsity collegiate esports, UW-Stout is launching the esports coaching track as an innovative avenue to explore an emerging field of competition, research and human development. 

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