Web Technology Minor

Do you want the technical and communication skills needed to collaborate and lead others in managing web communication processes?
Degree Type Minor
Careers & Salaries Career Outcomes
Delivery On Campus or Online
DMT students in the Search Engine Optimization class.

Your minor in Web Technology will help you understand the many technologies essential for managing the complex processes of web-based business communications. You will gain the technical and communication skills needed to collaborate and lead others who may or may not have high technical skills. 

UW-Stout student in Dr. Isaacson's Wed Development class.

Our courses are available on-campus or online and are based on HTML5 and on Responsive Design. You will learn fundamental to advanced level techniques, and gain skills in Search Engine Optimization and web analytics for market analysis and tracking.

ICT students at UW-Stout computer labs.

A minor in Web Technology can lead you to a rewarding career as a web administrator, consultant, designer, developer, marketer, or content strategist. You may find your minor gives you an edge as an e-commerce manager, search engine specialist, user experience or interface designer.


Minor Requirements

Minors are defined as either "studies in the discipline" or as “teaching.”