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Office of Professional and Instructional Development (OPID)’s signature programs: Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Scholars (WTFS), OPID Spring Conference, and Faculty College
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The Joys of Teaching & Learning: OPID's Spring Conference

OPID sponsors this annual conference each April. Approximately 200 faculty, staff and students come together across diverse disciplines to present scholarly results from teaching and student learning related research. This dynamic event provides networking, educational and scholarly engagement opportunities for all who attend! Instructors from all fields and community members in collaboration with UW System faculty are encouraged to submit a presentation proposal and attend the conference.

Faculty College 

Faculty College held at Osthoff Resort in Wisconsin
Faculty College at Osthoff Resort

Faculty College is a UW-System-sponsored program.  Over the course of 4 days teams of instructors, Wisconsin Teaching Fellows & Scholars, OPID Faculty representatives, and Learning Center Directors meet to address campus-identified challenges focusing on an identified theme.  OPID pays for lodging, meals, and programming for participants.  The NTLC covers the cost of Stout instructors' travel to and from faculty college.  

Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Scholars

OPID invites UW-Stout faculty and instructional academic staff to apply for its award-winning year-long Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Scholars program. This program brings together a cohort of educators from across the UW System to engage in the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL). Please select the OPID Tile on the right side of the screen for details about late fall opportunities to apply

YouTube Video from Mitch Ogden, UW-Stout Wisconsin Teaching Scholar 2018-2019

YouTube Video from Todd Zimmerman, UW-Stout Wisconsin Teaching Fellow 2013-2014

Honoring Our Participants

Each UW institution may nominate two to three candidates for the WTFS program. The awardees participate in events throughout the year, including attending Faculty College, a summer institute, and fall and winter seminars. Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Scholars are expected to serve as leaders and mentors, sharing their project ideas and outcomes in a variety of public forums.


  • Ann Oberding      Art Education (Fellow)
  • Kim Zagorski Social Science (Scholar) 
Participants and Presentations from Previous Years


  • TBD


  • More information soon!


  • Ann Oberding      Art Education (Fellow)
  • Kim Zagorski Social Science (Scholar) 





  • Keith Gilland  Biology (Fellow)
  • Leni Marshall Composition, Literature, and Intercultural Agility (Scholar) 


2020-2021 (Community of Practice)

  • Keith Gilland  Ecology/ Environmental Science (Fellow)
  • Leni Marshall Composition, Literature, and Intercultural Agility (Scholar)


  • Laura Reisinger, Communication Technology (Fellow)
  • Cynthia Rohrer, Food & Nutrition (Scholar)


  • Mitch Ogden, English and Philosophy (Scholar)




  • Debbie Stanislawski, Teaching, Learning & Leadership (Scholar)




  • Chelsea Lovejoy, Psychology (Fellow)
  • David Ding, Operations Management (Scholar) 


  • Kate Edenborg, English (Fellow) and Philosophy
  • Jim Handley, Social Science (Fellow)


  • Fassil Fanta, Social Science (Fellow)
  • Tina Lee, Social Science (Fellow)


  • Todd Zimmerman, Ph.D., Physics (Fellow)
  • Joleen Hanson, Ph.D., English and Philosophy (Fellow)
  • Maureen Mitton, MA, CID, School of Art and Design (Scholar)


  • Maleka Hasimi, Ph.D., Biology (Fellow)
  • Judy Johanna Hopp, Ph.D., Physics (Fellow)
  • Laura Jean Schmidt, Ph.D., Mathematics (Scholar)


  • Derek Wissmiller, Ph.D., Engineering and Technology (Fellow) 




  • Amanda Little, Ph.D., Biology (Fellow)
  • Julie Peterson, Ph.D., Art and Design (Fellow)
  • Diane Klemme, Ph.D., SoE Instruction (Scholar)


  • Damian Hanft, Ph.D., Hospitality and Tourism (Fellow)
  • Quan Zhou, Ph.D., English and Philosophy (Fellow)
  • Terri Karis, Ph.D., Human Development and Family Studies (Scholar)


  • Phillip Motley, Ph.D., Art and Design (Fellow)
  • Laura Schmidt, Ph.D., Mathematics (Fellow)



Faculty College Participants

2022 Faculty College

  • Jodie Bray - Instrument Shop Supervisor and Instructor
  • Keith Gilland - Biology Assistant Professor
  • Oai Ha - Engineering and Technology Assistant Professor
  • Sharon Hansen - Counseling, Rehabilitation & Human Services Assistant Professor
  • Ann Hoel - Business Professor
  • Kenneth Mullins - Business Assistant Professor
  • Christina Shane-Simpson - Psychology Assistant Professor
  • Abhishek Verma - Engineering and Technology Assistant Professor