Moving-In FAQs

Preparing for your arrival.
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What items can I expect to be in my room when I arrive?

From the Residence Halls page, visit your hall's page and click on the Floor Information link for the specifics on what your room contains. We provide the necessities a college student needs to live in a hall: an adjustable lofted bed with 13 different positions, a desk, a chair, a dresser, garbage bin, recycling bin, closet and a shared micro-fridge. You can choose if you want a rug, however the room is also carpeted.

What should I bring with me to campus?

Your room is your home! We encourage you to bring items with you that will make it just that.

We suggest bringing items like a TV, couch/futon, small rug, room decorations (i.e. pictures, posters, plants), lighting and storage items.

On the practical side, you'll want to bring extra-long twin sheets, towels, cleaning supplies, bathroom supplies and plates, bowls and eating utensils.  Futons & couches need to be less than 80 inches long to fit under your lofted bed.

An adjustable loft and micro-fridge are already in the room. Plus, the floor is carpeted from wall-to-wall.

What should I leave at home?

Candles, pets (other than fish), fire arms, explosives, paraphernalia, cooking items with exposed elements (i.e. toasters, etc.).  Alcohol and/or empty containers are also against policy if you are under 21.

If you are wondering about an item, check with us before you arrive.

Is my stuff going to fit in my room?

You'll want to consider this and may want to hold off on purchases until your arrival. Most of our rooms are 11' x 15' and can accommodate a lot of stuff. But, it all depends on how much you have and how much your roommate plans to bring. Plan it out by visiting the room layout section for your hall. There you will find the average measurements of objects inside the room.  PLEASE NOTE: The measurements are an average and can vary somewhat in each hall.

Futons/couches need to be less than 80 inches long to fit under the loft.

When can I move in?

Residents signed up for a move-in date and time in early August (for fall) and early December (for spring).  Please check your UW-Stout email for up-to-date information about your move-in time and the process.

What insurance will I need when living on-campus?

Please investigate what coverage options your parent or guardian has available through their insurance company for property insurance. Many plans allow parents/guardians to extend coverage to items within your residence hall room for an additional fee.

Also, consider whether or not your parents/guardian's medical coverage is available to you. You can review Student Health Insurance options at Student Health Services.

International students, please review your options with the International Student Office at UW-Stout.

Can I get hardwired and wireless Internet services?

YES! Wireless access is available in all residence halls. Each room is also equipped with a hardwired Ethernet connection.

FUN FACT!  The wired connection in your room provides a direct connection versus sharing a wireless access point. If you are into gaming and/or other activities where significant amounts of transfer data is needed, you will probably want to bring an Ethernet cable to connect to the network.