Non-Academic Misconduct

Expecting good citizenship and responsible behavior from students.
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Preserving Respect and Responsibility

The University of Wisconsin-Stout expects good citizenship and responsible behavior from students. When these expectations are not met, the non-academic misconduct process may be used to redirect students into more acceptable patterns of behavior. This process encourages students to take responsibility for their choices and actions, allowing the University and student jointly to determine an appropriate disciplinary response.

Non-Academic Misconduct

Students need to know some types of behaviors may be deemed incompatible with membership in the University community. The type of conduct that rises to the level of non-academic misconduct as defined in UWS Chapter 17 can be described as conduct that harms self or others. While not exhaustive, some general types and examples of serious misconduct violations that may result in separation from the UW-System include:


Non-Academic Misconduct Examples

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Accusations of Non-Academic Misconduct

If a student is accused of non-academic misconduct, they have the right to participate in the conduct process by telling their side of the story, presenting evidence in support of that story, and having the story given full consideration by an investigator.

Non-academic misconduct allegations are investigated by professional staff from the Dean of Students Office or from University Housing who are trained in conduct.


Investigation Process

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