CSTEMM College Goals

What we strive to achieve in the College of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Management.
In this Section

Commitment to the Success of All Students in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Management

Develop systems providing for integration of course embedded assessments, student performance data, and current research into standard practices for course development and delivery. Focus on factors concerning access, retention, diversity, and graduation rates.

Contribution to Research on Teaching and Learning

Establish a continuing review of the research literature and college data to motivate studies of practices for inspiring student achievement in CSTEMM. Identify key academic and resource advantages in the balance of location-based, technology-delivered, and project-driven programming.

Strategic Alignment of College Strengths and Funding Opportunities

Identify alignments of college strengths, available college/university funds, current grant programs, opportunities for collaboration with external organizations, and interests of potential donors toward increasing funding and in-kind support for applied research, industrial projects, laboratory development, scholarships, and other college initiatives each year.

Community of Experts in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Management

Initiate opportunities for the emergence of a community of current and future CSTEMM experts, committed to the power of cross-disciplinary ideas and new academic advances to generate innovations of significance for economic growth.


Determine methods of quantifying the academic and budgetary impact of our decisions. Automate data collection and make the results readily available to guide future planning.

Aligned Response

Develop effective and immediate responses for calls to action from our university, system, and state, advancing common goals of academic, economic, and societal significance.