eStout Program: Laptop Pickup, Exchange, or Return a Laptop

Learn how and when to pick up your eStout computer, exchange it or return it to the University.
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Laptop Pickup

Fall and Spring Semesters

Eligible eStout students entering Stout during either the Fall semester or Spring semester will receive information via e-mail about Laptop Orientation dates and times. Freshmen residing in the residence halls will attend laptop pickup under the direction of their orientation leaders. Students will receive the laptop, accessories, backpack and training on that day. 

WinTerm and Summer

Eligible eStout students entering Stout during WinTerm or Summer Term should go to the Technology Help Desk, 109 Sorensen Hall beginning the first day of WinTerm or Pre-summer session any time from 8:00am - 3:30pm. Appointments are not necessary. Students will receive the laptop, accessories, and backpack.

The Student Laptop Computer Agreement

Students sign two documents at the time of laptop pickup. Students do not submit forms prior to laptop pickup; eligible students are automatically enrolled in the program through their tuition. After receiving the laptop, each student is emailed a copy of the "Receipt Acknowledgement" and the "eStout Student Laptop Computer Agreement" that they are required to sign when they receive the laptop and accessories.

The "Receipt Acknowledgement" identifies the laptop and accessories that have been assigned. The "eStout Student Laptop Computer Agreement" defines the responsibilities of the student participating in the eStout program and the obligations of the university. Neither of these documents is signed until the student picks up the laptop, but it is a good idea to review them prior.

Student ID Required

A UW-Stout Student ID (either your StoutOne Card or temporary ID) is required for all laptop deployments. A laptop will not be issued without a university-issued ID card.

Laptop Exchange

What is laptop exchange?

eStout laptops are on a two-year replacement cycle. Laptop exchange h is the process during which two-year-old eStout laptops are exchanged for newer laptops. In the fall of each year, laptops that are two years old must be returned in working order. When a student has a two-year-old laptop replaced with a newer computer, it is called laptop "exchange".

For example, students having computers with a “Laptop Return Year: 2021” sticker will turn in their current laptop and accessories in the fall of 2021 and receive a newer computer.

Some students may receive a year-old computer; year-old computers are in excellent condition and have the same operating system, software, and support. Students who do not need to exchange will have access to the same software and operating system via a reimage at the Technology Help Desk. 

Please remember:

  • A UW-Stout ID is required to participate in the Laptop Exchange event.
  • All required accessories must be returned with the laptop at the time of exchange to avoid billing; late returns of accessories will not be accepted.
  • It is the student's responsibility to exchange their laptop computer in person.
  • Data back-up is the student's responsibility and must be done prior to exchanging.
  • UW-Stout laptops are not available for purchase.

When do I exchange my laptop?

  • To determine when a laptop needs to be exchanged, the white UW-Stout tag on the bottom of the computer states the Exchange Year. Please do not remove this tag.
  • The university will notify eStout students via e-mail when and where to exchange their assigned laptop and what accessories must be returned.
  • Students who are due to participate in the Laptop Exchange in the fall will be emailed information, including Laptop Exchange dates, during the prior spring semester. Students who will not be on campus during the Fall Laptop Exchange Event should exchange at the Technology Help Desk prior to their departure. 

Student Teaching, Co-Op Students, and Study Abroad Students

Students departing for student teaching, a co-op, or to study abroad in the summer or fall must make sure that their assigned laptop is not scheduled to be exchanged during the time they will be away from campus.

Laptop Return

When should I return my laptop?

The laptop computer and accessories must be returned when a student does not maintain continuous enrollment of qualifying undergraduate credits at UW-Stout, graduates, withdraws, is dismissed from the University, or upon any other notification to turn in the computer. In the summer, a student may retain their laptop if they are enrolled for qualifying UW-Stout undergraduate credits for the fall term.

Where do I return it?

The laptop computer and accessories must be returned to the Technology Help Desk (109 Sorensen Hall) or another location designated by the University.

If the student is not on campus, it is still their responsibility to return the computer to the Technology Help Desk.

Technology Help Desk (UW-Stout)
121 10th Ave.
109 Sorensen Hall
Menomonie, WI 54751

Please note: Any damages incurred during shipping are the responsibility of the sender. The eStout program requires that you insure the laptop for $1,000 when shipping it to UW-Stout.  Please include your name and student ID number in the shipping box when returning the laptop.

What if I don't return the laptop on time?

If the computer is not returned within the stated time frame, the University may, at its discretion, place a hold on that student's university record, bill them for the replacement cost of the computer and/or a $400 fee, or file a loss claim with the University's insurance company which would initiate repossession or police investigative action.

Exit Survey

Students who are leaving the university are encouraged to complete the Exit Survey. Data from the survey will be collected and shared with appropriate administrators for decision-making purposes. All responses will remain anonymous.