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One-on-one training with our certified trainers, dedicated to helping you reach your goals.
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Personal Training Rates

Rates Student Employee Family/Retiree/UW System
5 Sessions $80 $100 $110
10 Sessions $145 $180 $200
20 Sessions $280 $340 $380
40 Sessions $540 $650 $730


*A UW-Stout Fitness Center membership is required for personal training services. All personal training packages include a fitness assessment and body composition analysis. 

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5 Benefits Only a Personal Trainer Can Provide 

  • Education. Being educated while exercising is essential to maximize effectiveness and reduce the risk injury. Our Personal Trainers are certified by nationally recognized organizations. Their certifications require them earn continuing education credits throughout the duration of their certification. They will help you put together the perfect routine to fit your needs.
  • Motivation. Exercising can feel like a chore and it may feel like there are not enough hours in the day.  Whatever it may be, it's not always easy to find the drive to workout. Regular sessions with a trainer ensure you stick to your fitness schedule, giving you the accountability and boost you need to reach your goal. Our trainers will start you out with small goals that will eventually lead to your larger goals, accomplishing small goals along the journey will help keep you motivated. 
  • Personalized. Our trainers are excited to create a plan that will work for you!  They will keep in mind your medical and injury history, your busy schedule, your sleep, and many more factors when creating each days plan. 
  • Variety. Your trainer is knowledgeable about all our equipment and various training methods.  They will plan variety into your program using machines, free weights, body weight exercises, and cardio to keep each day fresh and exciting for you. 
  • More than fitness. Over time your trainer becomes more than a trainer. You'll spend so much time together you may find your trainer becomes a close confidant. It's this connections that makes staying accountable, reaching your goals, and learning a breeze. 


5 Misconceptions About Working With a Personal Trainer 

  • They'll yell at you. Although there are some trainers who style is more military-style, you won't find that in our staff. Each trainer has their own style and finding the one that fits best for you is just as important as the work you'll do in your sessions. Don't be afraid to ask for a new trainer if the one you initially start out with is not working out, your comfort is our priority. 
  • You're committed indefinitely. Many clients choose to stay with us for a long time, however, that isn't always the case. If you have a specific goal for an event or something that needs to be attained in a finite period of time, you may find yourself needing less time with a trainer. You are in control of how long and how frequently you see a trainer for.
  • You cannot afford one. Personal training can get expensive, but there are various ways to lower cost.  Limiting your workouts with a trainer to once a week, while you workout on your own the other days a week, will allow you to extend your package. You may also inquire about doing small group sessions to split the cost (this option is coming soon!).  In the long run, your health bills will be lower - perhaps your doctor recommends you come off of medication due to your progress or maybe you require less emergency visits to the doctor because you feel that much better.  
  • Exercise if the most important part. As much as fitness professionals want to think exercise is the most important part, it is not. There are many other factors that dramatically affect your health, most importantly your water consumption, sleep quality, and what happens in the kitchen.  Your trainer can help support you in these area to aid in your success. 
  • They provide nutrition plans. Legally, trainers are not aloud to prescribe nutrition advice outside of a very general scope. They can tell you the importance of macronutrients, but giving detailed nutritional plans is outside of the scope of a certified personal trainer. Many trainers have a passion for nutrition, but they should be referring you to someone with more of a wealth of knowledge to help you in that area. 
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