Robotics Lab

Hands-on robotics and automation experience.
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Automation Awaits

Discover where theory meets practice in our state-of-the-art Robotics Lab. Here, students delve into the intricacies of robotic technology, bringing their Capstone Projects to life and pushing the boundaries of manufacturing engineering.

Hands-On Learning Experience
Our lab is more than just a facility; it's a dynamic learning environment. Students are immersed in hands-on experiences, programming and interacting with advanced robots. This direct engagement not only deepens their understanding of robotics but also hones their skills in automated assembly, crucial for tomorrow's manufacturing engineers.

About the Manufacturing Engineering Program
The Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering at UW-Stout prepares students to become pivotal members of the manufacturing sector. With a focus on efficiency and innovation in product design and production, our program equips future engineers with the skills to make strategic decisions in material selection, production methods, and automated systems management.

About the Engineering Technology Program
UW-Stout's Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology degree provides a comprehensive understanding of industrial practices, meshed with specialized knowledge in a chosen engineering field. This program is structured to equip graduates with the necessary skills to excel in various industrial roles related to their engineering concentration. Our curriculum is designed to set the foundation for career advancement, including potential progression into management roles.


State-of-the-Art Equipment

Advanced Equipment, Generous Contributions
The Robotics Lab is outfitted with cutting-edge technology, thanks to the significant contributions from industry leaders like Phillips Medisize. Their support has enabled us to offer students access to innovative equipment and tools, fostering an environment where technological advancements are not just studied but actively explored and created.

Robotics Fleet


Hands-On Approach to Learning
UW-Stout is committed to an immersive, hands-on approach. Our students engage with the latest production tools such as CAD/CAM, robotics, and computer simulation, bridging the gap between theoretical studies and real-world applications. This practical focus is complemented by opportunities to collaborate on production teams, offering a well-rounded, experiential education.

Accreditation and Opportunities
Our program holds the distinction of being the only nationally accredited manufacturing engineering degree in Wisconsin by the ABET. Students benefit from cooperative learning and internships with regional companies, gaining invaluable industrial experience that gives them a competitive edge in their future careers.

Student Sarah Dillon use equipment in the Manufacturing Engineering Labs