Financial Wellness & Literacy Center

Guiding UW-Stout students towards smart money management and lifelong financial wellness.
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Practical Financial Guidance

At the Financial Wellness & Literacy Center, we're committed to transforming how UW-Stout students approach their financial future. With a blend of personalized guidance, practical workshops, and a wealth of online resources, we pave the way for financial literacy and well-being. Our center is a dynamic hub where money management becomes an integral part of your college experience and beyond.


Financial Resources



Student receiving financial wellness support.

Your Financial Education Starts Here

Building a Foundation for Financial Literacy

A Plan to Pay for College. Plot your financial course with our customized strategies to optimize aid, manage personal payments, explore scholarships, and understand loans.

Budgeting. Learn the practice of budgeting with our tools and counseling, ensuring you balance your income and expenses for a financially sound college life and beyond.

Scholarship Searches. Turn your scholarship search into an exciting opportunity for reducing student debt and enhancing your educational journey.

Food Plan Management. Discover how to make smart, cost-effective choices with your food budget, blending nutritional needs with financial savvy.


Student received online financial guidance.


Interactive & Engaging Learning Experiences for Current Students

Current students can discover the wealth of financial learning opportunities available at UW-Stout, where each resource is a practical tool for growth and every experience is a step towards better financial understanding.


Campus Resources

Explore a variety of tools and services available on campus.
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Community Connections

Engage with the wider community to access additional resources that broaden your financial education.
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Easy-to-Use Calculators & Tools

Make informed financial decisions with our straightforward calculators.
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Financial Wellness Blog

Stay up-to-date with the latest in financial advice, strategies, and insights.
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Educational Events

Participate in events designed to make financial concepts clear and applicable.
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Interested in exploring all that UW-Stout has to offer? Login below to discover our comprehensive range of financial resources and begin enhancing your financial savvy today.

Your Partner in Financial Wellness

Taking the first step towards better financial understanding and health is easy: just get in touch with the Financial Wellness & Literacy Center (FWLC) at UW-Stout. Whether you're a student planning your budget, searching for scholarships, or an industry partner looking to make a difference, we're here to help and guide you. 

Contact us today to access the tools, resources, and support you need for your financial journey. Together, we can help you achieve your financial goals. Reach out to the FWLC now and start building a more financially secure and confident future.

For Industry Partners. Join us in support of fostering financial empowerment, please reach out for information, opportunities, and more.

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