Kinesiology, Health, Food and Nutritional Sciences Department

We prepare students for careers in industries related to health, wellness, fitness, food, food safety, food science or nutrition.
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Our Programs

B.S. Dietetics

You'll enjoy working with people with a shared interest in foods and science, with conscious regard to diet and exercise.
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B.S. Food Science and Technology

Do you want to develop new food products, test recipes, implement sustainable processes in food and agriculture, and enhance the safety of food?
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B.S. Health, Wellness and Fitness

Do you want to help people implement their health goals, sustain life-changing behaviors and manage their progress?
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M.S. Food and Nutritional Sciences

Combine your passions for food safety, food product development, nutrition and health to build your career in R&D, quality assurance, dietetics, or nutrition.
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M.S. Nutrition and Dietetics

Earn your master's degree and you'll be eligible to take the CDR RDN credentialing examination to become a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN).
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Coaching Minor

Are you interested in the physical, social, medical and psychological care of athletes? Receive in-depth and hands-on training of proper methods and strategies.
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Food Science and Technology Minor

Further your knowledge with a minor focusing on food science, analysis, and engineering.
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Health and Wellness Minor

Do you want to manage health and fitness facilities and promote the personal health, fitness, and disease prevention of your clients?
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Health and Wellness Education Minor

Do you want to learn behaviors that promote health and fitness, prevent disease, and reduce health risks, and share this knowledge with your students?
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Dietetic Internship

You'll receive experiences in clinical nutrition, community nutrition, and food service management in a variety of settings.
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