Stout Escape Room

Immerse yourself in a team building experience unlike any other.
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Can you escape in time?

In the Stout Escape Room, groups of 2-9 people discover clues to solve a mystery or “escape the room” within a predetermined amount of time. Of course, they are never actually locked in (they may leave at any point) but they are immersed in the experience to solve problems, think critically, and work together as a team. The initiative is a campus collaboration for student, professional staff, and community use and is facilitated and managed by students.

Current Plot

While on a tour of Jurassic Industries, UW System’s premier living-dinosaur research facility, a security emergency leaves the park powerless.  With limited staff, you are the only hope at restoring the power before the back-up generators run out, releasing dinosaurs from their enclosures into the Menomonie community!  Can you save our campus and restore power in time?

Stout Escape Room / University Marketing / Connor Clark (student)


Group Type Rate Additional Details
UW-Stout Students $5.00/person $25.00 minimum (5 People)
Student Organization -- $30.00 flat rate
University Department -- $40.00 flat rate
Community Group $10.00/person $50 minimum (5 people)

*Maximum 9 participants per room, 5-7 recommended

Academic Year Schedule

The Stout Escape Room is currently closed due to COVID-19.  Please check back during the Spring 2022 semester for reopening updates.

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
3:00 PM None None 7:00 PM 7:00 PM 7:00 PM 1:00 PM
5:00 PM           3:00 PM

*Appointments available upon request, contact

Leaderboard Scoring

Want to make the leaderboard?  All of your participants must be new to this storyline of the Stout Escape Room and earn points!  Current leaders can be found on our Facebook Page.

How to earn points in the stout escape room
Escape Room Leaderboard / Housing Design | Theresa Hang