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The People Process Culture Endowed Chair works across campus to nourish the excellent principles of a People Process Culture teaching and learning environment.
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Dr. Betsy A. Pudliner, PhD
People Process Culture Endowed Chair

Dr. Betsy A. Pudliner, PhD is an Assistant Professor in the College of Education, Hospitality, Health and Human Sciences. Dr. Pudliner has worked in the Tourism Industry for over 30 years and devoted her studies to this area. Dr. Pudlner's hero's journey has taken her to more than 44 of the continental United States and Germany and she lived in Scotland for six and a half years.

Dr. Pudliner believes that learning, education is about gaining insight into past/present knowledge but, also, about gaining confidence to use information in your own daily lives to achieve professional/personal goals and aims. She believes we seek understanding to develop a particular lifestyle that benefits ourselves as well as others. She believes that anything is an achievement, even a degree or complete failure. We must, as individuals, see the good in any situation and capitalize on the knowledge.

Her research interests are focused in the field of tourism, technology and relationship management. They include marketing, branding, e-Marketing, e-Branding, e-Tourism, value chain management, and consumer behavior. These interests extend to Internet/WWW development for hospitality/service sectors, especially small firms, and entrepreneurs; Social marketing and media; database management and profit analysis, industry and consumer relationship building, cultural power promotion, training and development through e-Learning, virtual environment development and reflective practice.

Dr. Betsy A Pudliner CV

People Process Culture Advisory Board

  • Betsy Pudliner, Endowed Chair
  • Glendali Rodriguez, Chair
  • Timm Boettcher
  • Jeffrey Cernohous
  • Jay Jirihara
  • Leslie Lagerstrom
  • Bob Meyer