Stout STEM Experience

Summer camp to help underrepresented and underserved high school students prepare for and succeed in their college careers.
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June 25-28, 2023

The UW-Stout STEM Experience (STEM-X) overnight camp will provide 9th-12th-grade students with hands-on experience in fields related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In addition to these academic experiences, students will attend workshops to help develop their study and leadership skills and will learn about campus resources such as academic advisement, career services and financial aid. This camp is free to students, ensuring that those who need it will have the best chance to succeed.

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Registration Opens February 13
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This grant-funded camp is no cost to students. Priority is given to students who meet the following:

  • High school students going into 9-12 grade
  • Underrepresented and underserved students in STEM (women, persons with disability and racial/ethnic groups)
  • Interest in the STEM field and related careers

Depending on interest, transportation may be available in your area, specifically Trempealeau Valley and Wausau.


Machine Learning with Robots - Instructor: Cheng Liu

Students will be provided with a high performance microprocessor controlled robot where they will learn the fundamental concepts of machine learning, machine vision and the impact of these techniques in a changing the world. They will know how the robot observes this world and processes the data like human beings. The students will be instructed to control the robot to complete multiple amazing tasks automatically and learn the machine learning and machine vision principles behind them. Students will gain valuable skills for electrical and engineering and will learn about choosing Computers and Electrical Engineering as a major.  Students in this major go on to have careers in the following: Computer Engineer, Embedded systems engineer, Computer software engineer, Computer design engineer, and more.

Genetics & DNA Analysis - Instructor: Michael Bessert

How do we use DNA to solve problems? Campers will explore the world of molecular biology by collecting specimens from the field, extracting and quantifying DNA, then using various techniques to copy and study it. Campers will learn how to set up polymerase chain reactions, gel electrophoresis separation, and analyze DNA in various ways to answer questions and solve problems. Campers will gain hands-on experience using the following equipment: micropipettes, high-speed centrifuges, electrophoresis tanks, spectrophotometers, fluorescent imagers, and even a DNA sequencer. These techniques help us answer questions about everything from population studies to forensic identification to medical screening.  Learn more about UW-Stout's Biology program.

Packing Lists

Overnight Campers

Bag for carrying project materials
Pens, Pencils, Paper
Phones are allowed but use during tracks is discouraged
Closed Toe Shoes for Ropes Course
Clothes for 4 days
Athletic Clothes (recommended)
Comfortable Shoes
Shower Shoes
Alarm Clock

Additional items overnight campers may bring:

Bug SprayComputers/TabletsGames
Housing Linen Provided

Pillow, blanket, linens, and towels are provided:

Camper Forms

Camper Forms:

Registrants will be emailed to upload their information to CampDoc.

2023 Stout STEM-X

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