Supervision of Student Teacher Training Modules

Are you an educational professional interested in mentoring teacher candidates?
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This website is designed for educational professionals interested in mentoring teacher candidates. The purpose of this website is to introduce a new cooperating teacher to the School of Education's conceptual framework and assessments. This website will also discuss the various aspects and expectations of a student teaching experience.

After reading the information in each module, you will be asked to submit an assignment reviewing the key points. This training module satisfies the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction's training criteria for cooperating teachers.

This website may also serve as a resource for experienced cooperating teachers providing an update of the state of Wisconsin and University teacher education preparation criteria, policies and procedures.

Department of Public Instruction Cooperating Teacher Criteria

The Department of Public Instruction requires that cooperating teachers meet the following three criteria:

  • Hold a Wisconsin license (or its equivalent) and have volunteered for assignment as a cooperating teacher.
  • Have at least 3 years of teaching experience with at least one year of teaching experience in the school or school system of current employment.
  • Have completed training in both the supervision of clinical students and in the applicable standards in subch. II PI 34.15.

Please return the completed module assignment and verification form to: 

School of Education: Assessment, Field Experiences and Licensing
267 Heritage Hall 
Menomonie, WI 54751-0790 
Fax: 715-232-1244