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Curation: Rating and Sorting Content

Whether for scholarly research or personal interests, most people come across online articles that they want to save for future reference.

How do you keep track of the articles you want to read? Check out one of these free services that make storing and managing articles easy.

These managers allow you to create or import citations, provide auto-citations, and take notes. The also allow you to join and create groups of users with similar interests.

Store your PDFs, sort into folders, and add tags. Available for Windows, Linux, OS X, iPhone & iPad, Android and web based.

Store your PDFs, take snapshots of webpages. Firefox extension or stand-alone with connectors for Chrome and Safari.

Store your PDFs, create tags, mark read status, and discover new articles based on topics of interest. Web based.

Are you looking for a way to organize and keep track of only web-based articles? Check out these social bookmarking sites.



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