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Screen Capture Applications

Screen captures can be a handy trick in all sorts of situations, ranging from sending a visual representation, providing directions of how to fix a problem, creating a tutorial or capturing a web moment to show people what you’re viewing on your screen.

Capturing Images

EverNote (app for your phone or laptop/desktop) 
One feature of EverNote is the ability to capture still images on Windows, Mac, Windows Mobile, iPhone, iPad, Android and more. EverNote stores the screen captures in your account, and they can be accessed from any of your devices. 

EverNote's Skitch allows you to write on your screen captures as well.

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Microsoft Snipping Tool (free and a favorite of our online instructors)
Microsoft’s Snipping Tool allows users to create custom sized captures of all or part of your PC screen. Add notes, save the snip, or email the image from the Snipping Tool window. Visit the Microsoft FAQ and select the version of Windows on the right hand side. 

Capturing Video

Screencastify is a Chrome extension that allows you to create videos on Windows, Mac and Chromebooks using the Chrome Browser. Save your screencasts locally, on your Google Drive, or upload directly to YouTube. The free version allows recording up to 10 minutes per video, with a Screencastify logo in the recording. A variety of tools allow you to annotate, spotlight information, or capture a webcam.  

Dual Purpose

Jing allows you to create both still and video captures on both Windows and Macs. It is a free program, and allows hosting your captures locally and on for sharing. Video Captures are limited to 5 minutes each. Tutorials

Snagit is a paid service ($49.95 one-time fee) for Mac and Windows which offers users the ability to capture still shots and video and to edit and annotate images. TechSmith also offers the ability to do a scrolling capture, which means it can capture areas not shown on the screen. Snagit offers a great set of tutorials for new and veteran users


Three Simple ways to record iPad screen and create educational videos 
This article provides three ways to create a screencast from an iPad.

When screencasting, it is important to consider all users. See our closed captioning tips for more information. 

Tech Tip: Creating ScreenCasts of iOS Devices

TechSmith’s Daniel Foster walks you through 13 Tips for recording your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

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