Tech Tips Newsletter - Instructional Design Job Opportunities

How to Break into Instructional Design
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Find a Job as an Instructional Designer

Find out how you can prepare for a job in the growing field of instructional design (ID).

Check out job boards, networking opportunities, and professional organizations, as well as hiring trends and resources to build your resume, portfolio, and volunteer experience.

Breaking Into The Industry: Become An Instructional Designer And Master The LXD Fundamentals
If you are ready to take the first step in LXD (learning experience design), here's a head start from Christopher Pappas, a prominent voice in the industry.

Video: From Instructional Design to Learning Experience Design
Luke Kempski's three-minute video with instructional design practitioner Connie Malamed provides a quick shot of wisdom and perspective. Worth the time!

Video: How to Become an Instructional Designer
Devlin Peck delivers on this promise, "Do you want to become an instructional designer? In this video, I show you exactly what you need to learn and give some step-by-step tips for how to land an instructional design job."


  • Be prepared with fresh resumes and up-to-date portfolios.
  • Create an account and set up alerts on at least two systems.
  • Apply immediately to jobs of interest.
  • Carefully follow the directions on applications. Personalize every application. One size does not fit all. 
  • Regularly update and refresh your job-seeking accounts.

Careers in Instructional Design

Check out job opportunities with community colleges/ universities, business and industry, Department of Defense, government (state and local), nonprofit/trade associations, educational companies, healthcare, K-12 school districts, retail/wholesale/distribution, insurance, marketing, manufacturing, travel/hospitality, and telecommunications.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer locally! All organizations need training. Ask around and offer to help out with a training or performance problem. Many organizations' HR departments do not provide training or have experience in that area and could use some assistance.

You may find a local nonprofit such as the Boy Scouts, Little League, or a local museum with an educational project that needs your help.

These service-learning opportunities offer a mutual exchange between students who want to learn more about working on instructional design projects in the community and organizations that want to further their success through integrating instructional media products.

24/7 Learn
Volunteer and help create access, provide educational resources, and to support low-income students and parents, as well as teachers.

Lingos (eLearning Global Giveback Competition)
Volunteer and create something for their clients.

UN Online Volunteers Program
This organization might be a source of projects and contacts for volunteer teaching and training opportunities around the (virtual) world.

Volunteer Match
Volunteer opportunities (on the ground and remote opportunities).

How to Create an Eportfolio