Tech Tips Newsletter - Digital Feedback

Editor: Karen Franker
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Using Digital Feedback to Improve Learner Motivation

Explore techniques and resources for providing meaningful and personalized feedback to learners. View examples of timely digital feedback that improves learner motivation and performance.

On Feedback: 13 Practical Examples
Grant Wiggins provides thirteen specific examples of how to incorporate feedback into your daily work with students, based on his article Seven Keys to Effective Feedback.

How I Accidentally Built Relationships with My Students
Terie Engelbrecht explains how she uses screencasting software to provide personalized feedback which is highly motivating to students.

A Possible Solution for the Angst-Ridden English Teacher Who Struggles With Providing Written Feedback
Jodie Morgensen describes how she uses an IPad app called Highlight to provide commentary on each student’s writing. Includes samples of audio feedback.

Helping Kids Manage Digital Feedback
Kristen Swanson offers three instructional strategies for students to maximize the benefits of digital feedback: creating learning goals, setting aside specific times to consider feedback, and reflecting on how feedback has improved their thinking or performance.

Improving Peer Feedback with Public Critique
David Didau proposes a “kind, helpful, and specific” model for students to use when evaluating each other’s work. Included are helpful strategies for dealing with common challenges such as mixed-ability classes and demotivated students.

Feedback in Scenarios: Let Them Think!
Cathy Moore emphasizes the importance of providing feedback which “shows” rather than “tells” the learner why a particular choice is right or wrong.

Alternatives to “Correct” and “Incorrect”
Connie Malamed lists nine types of effective feedback in e-learning including: incentivized, social, and self-directed.

Tech Tip: Using Evernote for Student Audio Feedback

Joan Vinali-Cox provides step-by-step instructions for using the Audio Notes feature of the Evernote app to record feedback to email to individual students.