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Editor: Karen Franker
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Leveraging Apps and Mobile Tools for Learning

Discover the leading strategies, devices, and apps to support successful mobile learning experiences in K-12, higher ed, and corporate training. Compare experts’ opinions about the merits of Chromebooks vs. iPads and explore the possibilities of wearable technology.

Managing Your Digital Classroom with Wearable Technology 
Tanesha Dixon provides a fascinating look at how the Pebble digital wristwatch facilitates instant instructor –student communication and provides immediate feedback on learner progress within a 1:1 classroom.

How to Get the Most Out of Student-Owned Devices in Any Classroom 
Katrina Schwartz describes ideas for providing equitable classroom technology access in K-12 schools, regardless of income level, by creating a culture of trust and responsibility.

Using the SAMR Method to Frame How to Teach With Apps 
The TeachThought staff applies the SAMR model (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition) to explore effective teaching activities which incorporate apps.

Why We are Misunderstanding the Chromebook – iPad Debate 
Tim Holt contends that the Chromebook vs. iPad conversation needs to move beyond IT management and purchasing costs to a deeper consideration of the versatility of each device, especially in light of the “bring your own device” trend.

5 Ways to Choose and Use K-5 Apps, Mobile Devices 
Laura Devaney reports on five key approaches for successful implementation of mobile learning including: use of a reliable framework to evaluate devices and apps; and keeping students’ prior knowledge in mind.

Tech Tip: 8 Ways to Display an iPad on a Projector Screen

Tony Vincent has created a handy chart for comparing the features of eight different types of hardware, software, and connectors that enable the projection of an iPad display onto a larger screen.