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Making the Most of LinkedIn

Are you using LinkedIn to its fullest potential to connect professionally? 

Check out the tips on profile building, creating connections and optimizing your presence. 

Building your Profile

17 LinkedIn Profile Must-Haves (Infographic)
Irfan Ahmad shows 17 things to include on a LinkedIn Profile. This is perfect for beginning Linkers.

The Ultimate Guide to a Perfect LinkedIn Profile
Mike Allton provides a very thorough guide with helpful screenshots and examples of what to include and what not to include to make a good impression on LinkedIn.

Connecting with Others

Don't Make This Mistake on LinkedIn
Steven Petrow cautions users to be careful when connecting with others on LinkedIn.

How to Protect Yourself From LinkedIn-Based Scams
Joseph Steinberg provides advice on how to spot fake profiles and protect yourself from LinkedIn scams.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Mastering LinkedIn
Pamela Vaughan offers tips to optimize LinkedIn features for professional networking.

How to Leverage LinkedIn in Every Phase of Your Career
Robin Reshwan discusses ways to use LinkedIn, whether you are a student, looking for a promotion or looking for a new job.

Writing Posts

How to Write an Awesome Post on LinkedIn
Laura McMullen shares advice on how and why to write posts with LinkedIn Publisher.

Featured Online Courses

Meet your professional development goals for continuing education, license renewal or advanced certification.

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