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Editor: Karen Franker
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Top Evernote Tips for Project Management, Organization, and Assessment

Go beyond the basics of using Evernote as a note-taking tool, and discover how the advanced features help in managing group projects, curating learning resources, and streamlining classroom/training record-keeping. 

What’s All the Fuss about Evernote? Should I Be Using It?
Melanie Pinola shares reasons why educators and others love Evernote, including: digitizing and tagging notes, keeping a daily journal, sharing video and audio, and maintaining a universal inbox.

How Students Can Use Evernote for Lifelong Learning
Stan Skrabut’s slideshow demonstrates how to teach learners to use Evernote as a central all-in-one container for capturing, collecting, and storing content in a variety of formats.

How Evernote is Revolutionizing My Classroom
Ross Crockett describes how he raised student achievement by removing all print materials in his classroom, and going completely digital with iPads and Evernote.

Why You Should Be Using Evernote as Your Go-To Place for Remembering Everything
Aaron Couch lists some of the best reasons to use Evernote: merging notes, optical character recognition, and multi-platform synching.

I’ve Been Using Evernote All Wrong. Here’s Why It’s Actually Amazing
Whitson Gordon unlocks the secrets of Evernote “power” users: Web clipping, advanced searching, note linking, and whiteboard notes.

How to Use Evernote: The Unofficial Manual
Mark O’Neill’s provides an excellent visual overview of Evernote’s desktop and smartphone apps and some useful add-ons and plug-ins.

Evernote as an Assessment Tool (Video, 2 min. 51 sec.)
Dean Shareski’s video describes how he uses Evernote for student self-assessment and audio feedback, thus facilitating a two-way conversation.

Tech Tip: Become an Evernote Power User: 10 Must-Know Tips

Christopher Null describes keyboard shortcuts, how to email notes to specific notebooks, and how to transcribe voice notes.

Tech Tip: 20 Evernote Search Features You Should Be Using

Aaron Couch describes advanced tips for using the power searching featuresin Evernote’s desktop and Web versions.