Tech Tips Newsletter - Teaching with Blogs

Editor: Karen Franker
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Top Tips for Teaching with Blogs

Explore resources for inspiring learners to create meaningful blogs and discover tips for effective blog design and promotion.

Getting More Out of Student Blogging
Sue Waters’ site is rich with resources that provide a comprehensive look into student blogs, including the development of effective commenting skills as well as building an audience. 

8 Engaging Ways to Promote Your Classroom Blog
Gary Johnston describes eight ways to build interest in your blog, including embedding tweets. 

Teaching With Blogs
Stephanie Hedge provides quick tips for introducing blogs in a classroom, including a description of blogging platforms and how to incorporate blogging into assignments. 

 20 Ideas for Solid Student Blogging
Matt Miller shares lessons learned and best tips to ensure smooth implementation of blogging. 

Three Classroom Blogging Tips for Teachers
Bill Ferriter shares his three favorite tips for creating an amazing classroom blog. 

10 Inspirational Student Blogs
Laura Bates shares ten exemplary student blogs to guide and inspire new student bloggers. 

A Rubric for Evaluating Students’ Blogs
Karen Franker’s rubric may be used to guide students in evaluating each other’s blog posts. 

5 Useful iPhone Apps for Student Bloggers
Twila Berkley describes five apps which give students “on the go” access to a variety of blogging tools including: Pinterest, Evernote, WordPress, Analytics, and Hootsuite. 

Audience Must Be Curated
Zachary Chase shares the conversations and strategies that he had with his learners to help cultivate a genuine community of inquiry through their blog postings.  

Tech Tip: Cool Tools for Enhancing Your Blog Posts

Sue Waters shares a variety of tools for embedding polls, presentations, quizzes, and videos into blog posts. Included are step-by-step instructions for adding embed codes.